2019-2020 Committees



I. Nominating Committee (Elected by the membership)

Kenny Nunley, Steve Morris, Jeremy StewartSandy Faulkner

II. Audit Committee
Sandy Faulkner - Chairperson, Mike Doyle

III. Best Operated Water Plant Awards Committee
Tim Harris: Chairperson , Gary Mizzell: Co-Chairperson

IV. Best Operated Wastewater Plant Awards Committee
Shannon Bailey: Chairperson,  David Combs: Co-Chairperson 

V. Scholarship Committee
Carl Hanke

VI. Resolution Committee
Kenny Nunley


VII. Charles White Award
Jess Burns, Vicky Rickman, Carl Hanke, William McClimans

VIII. Bolton, Crockett, Beck Award

Kenny Nunley, Gary Nelson, John Beard, Brent Kulavich

IX. Webmaster
Markus Moore

X. Education Committee
All District Directors

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