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What's New?

The 2024 Annual Conference is just around the corner next month! 

We have 60 booths this year and are all filled with vendors who are ready and willing to help with any issues and/or advancements that your system may have or need.


ADEM Newsletter

This newsletter highlights what's new and happening within the Dept. and the Operator Certification Program.  Here is the Link to the June newsletter.

We only have a few spots available for the fishing trip left. make sure you claim your spot on the Cvent registration page. You can still add this excursion if have already registered for the conference, just log on to Cvent and add any extras you want.

This also works for the Spousal Event and Golf Tournament

Sponsorships are still available for the Conference. If you would like your company to be represented well at the conference and on this site, see all the sponsorship levels and opportunities on the

Cvent registration page

New training webinars and classes are added constantly.

If you know of any training, let us know so we can share it.

Be sure to check out the 2024 conference page, we have gone digital with the registration process and hope it will be much faster and efficient at the conference.  This will also help us with getting renewals out to everyone at the end of the year. 


Does your company have anything noteworthy that you would like to share?

email us at: 



AWPCA Constitution

Click here to read/download the official AWPCA By-Laws

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