Brent Kulavich
Zack Butler
President Elect
Randy Sullivan
Past President
Paul Adams
Virgil White
Post Office Box 180176
Mobile, AL 36618-0176
Jim Grassiano
ADEM Representative
P.O. Box 301463
Montgomery, AL 36130-1463
Brad Hipps
Director - District I Water
Shannon Bailey
Director - District I Wastewater
Brad Frye
Director - District II Water
Bradley Chandler
Director - District II Wastewater
Markus Moore
Director - District III Water
Barry Smith
Director - District III Wastewater
Jeff Baranowski
Director - District IV Water
Daniel Young
Director - District IV Wastewater
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Alabama Water and Pollution Control Association
P.O. Box 180176
Mobile, AL 36618-0176
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Zack Butler

President Elect

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